About Us

The genesis of VirtualRFID traces back to the realization to connect the real-time events with the online world through social media integration. AVI Infosys LLC, a Dubai-based world leader in biometric,security and loyalty solutions took the initiative and after several joint R&D sessions, VirtualRFID - Real World Social Media Real-time interaction System was born.

The futuristic VirtualRFID products come with an assurance of highest degree of quality and unmatched reliability required in similar technology-centric products. Our combined strength matched our commitment to deliver excellence in all our offerings.

More about AVI-INFOSYS

AVI INFOSYS LLC is a Dubai-based professional consulting and solutions provider.With a massive range of biometric and security systems to offer,AVI Infosys has carved a unique niche in the market, particularly in the Middle East,where AVI Infosys is a name associated with quality,customer satisfaction and ethical business practices when in comes to:

Our expertise lies in hi-end:

-Security Solutions
-Biometric Solutions
-CCTV Surveillance Systems
-Loyalty Systems
-Time Attendance Systems
-Access Control Systems and many more...
-Business and IT Consulting
-Reusable and Customised Software,and
-System Integration Services in Biometrics

We partner with clients to achieve breakthrough performance through the intelligent use of technologies.

Please visit http://www.avi-infosys.com for more information.

What People Say

" VirtualRFID powers the online RFID based Social Connect campaign of businesses with real-time integration and interaction of the real world events, businesses with real-time integration and interaction of the real world events, "
Javior Olivan
Head of International Growth Facebook Inc,

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